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The Computer Science and Engineering Department is imparting quality education to students to obtain a B.E degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Fresh graduates find openings in the Telecommunication and the Computer industry. A large majority of our graduates receive offer of employment at their pre-final year of study. Students with a focus to enter higher studies enroll into the PG courses join one of the IITs/IISc. Quite a few go overseas for higher studies and pursue research. The department is headed by Professor who has experience in education and industry over 30 years.

It has very spacious labs of area 1,947 Sq. ft. The programme offered by the LVEC prepares the students for progressive career as computer professionals and employment and experts and provide fundamental knowledge needed for long term professional growth and active lifetime of new development in this field. Students from the other entire department such as ECE, EEE, Mech. & Civil also utilize facilities available in this department. The Computer Science and Engineering Labs are divided into 4 Entries. The labs under the different entries are as follows.

Entry – 1 : LINUX Lab,
Entry – 2 : RDBMS Lab,
Entry – 3 : Multimedia and Networking Lab,
Entry – 4 : Software Development Lab

All these labs are equipped with 4 servers and 250 client Machines. The students carry out their experiments in small batches and these they are given individual attention.

This entry is equipped with 50 machines supported by Windows XP Server will all programming language compilers. This lab prosier the basic knowledge of programming in languages like C and C++. Apart from programming languages this lab also helps the beginners (I semester students) to feel the power of compacting resources by practicing with Word, Excel, Power point, Foxro.

RDBMS and System Software Lab
In this Lab the students make use of the resources through 50 client M/C's with an individual Oracle Server supported by Windows NT. Here III and IV Semester students set their knowledge in data base application by working with the fundamentals of Oracle to advanced levels in Oracle. Apart from database applications, this lab also trains the students to program at system level in their III & IV Semester.

Multimedia Lab
This lab provides the students avenue to acquire the knowledge of Modern Internet Technologies like JAVA, 02EEE, JSP and ASP. They also develop Internet based application and Multimedia based applications using Multimedia and Adobe.

Software Development Lab
This lab is mainly utilized by final year , pre final year students to impart their skills in the development of new software, projects etc. This lab is fully equipped with all the new technologies for the development of software packages as per Anna University requirement.

State of the art modern computer laboratory in an area of 6000 Sq. ft. fully air conditioned and equipped with fully imported HP Intel Pentium – IV model computers and connected using client server technology. Students and the faculty extensively use computers for the development of their projects, data analysis, online tests, presentation, and report generation, gathering and disseminating information, thus making them conversant with the latest technologies

Scope for CSE / IT students : Computer engineers are offered a wide range of jobs in various fields like Software, Hardware, Technical support and Executive trainees. The remuneration given to them are the best.

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