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Information Technology is the buzzword today in all walks of life be it space or down to agriculture. With revolution in technology, information Technology is making an impact on all businesses and services. The Internet & Communication Technologies (ICT) is shrinking the globe and we can see an information explosion. The world economy has moved up and globalization is the key word today. Prior to revolution in Information Sciences, Multi National Companies (MNCs) were dominating industry and business spreading their wings across the globe.

This monopoly is no longer in existence. The world is thrown open for liberalization. Flexibility in international trade and business is all due to the evolution of Internet & Communication Technologies and its advancements. The e-paradigms like electronic business (e-bus), electronic commerce (e-com), e-learning (electronic learning), e-medicine (electronic medicine), e-governance (electronic governance) demonstrate advancements in information explosion and technology scenario. Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) is a booming area, wherein we see how the world has opened up for BPO, IPO, KPO (business process outsourcing, intellectual process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing) services. Advanced countries are outsourcing these areas due to competitive pricing, easy delivery and availability of key human resources. The emerging areas of bio-informatics, genetic engineering and bioscience have made enormous progress in this sector.

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